Social Media

The Billerica Fire Department’s social media is managed, on a voluntary basis, by the Billerica Firefighters IAFF Local 1495. While the department does not have staff assigned to this task, off duty members of the fire union make every effort to keep our community well informed. There may be instances where information is delayed or can not be provided. The social media pages are NOT monitored 24/7. To report an emergency, dial 911. For non-emergency and general inquiries, dial 978-671-0940.

Some content & incident types that may appear on our social media:
• Incidents affecting traffic
• Potential hazards to the public
• Large incidents with multiple apparatus on scene
• Incidents covered by media to provide accurate information
• Community events
• Fire prevention & safety information

Incident types that typically DO NOT appear on our social media:
• Medical emergencies
• Alarm activations (fire alarm, carbon monoxide alarm)
• Incidents isolated to individual structures with no hazard to the public
• Illegal burning
• Inspections & Investigations

Please follow us @BillericaFD on Twitter and like Billerica Fire | MA on facebook to receive available updates.

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