The Billerica Fire Department’s Fire Alarm Office is our communications center. The office is located at Fire Headquarters and is staffed by 1 Fire Alarm Operator 24 hours a day during routine operations.

Some of the Duties of a Fire Alarm Operator Include:

  • Receive and process emergency requests for fire services.
  • Monitor direct line notification of fire alarm activation (master box) and process appropriate response.
  • Maintain database containing master box status & events for all equipped structures.
  • Have a strong working knowledge of the town and each station’s response district.
  • Stay informed of special circumstances (ie. road closures, etc.) in order to adjust responses.
  • Ensure contact and dispatch via station alert tones, radio, telegraph bells, and direct phone line.
  • Real time entry of all response information into the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software.
  • Maintain record of on duty personnel and apparatus status through the CAD.
  • Monitor all radio frequencies for Billerica Fire, District 6, and other mutual aid communities.
  • Obtain mutual aid fire apparatus and ambulance as needed.
  • Serve as the initial point of contact for visitors at Fire Headquarters.
  • Scheduling of required fire watch personnel.
  • Data entry and recall of pre-plan information.
  • Conduct “call-back” staffing during fires and other large incidents as needed.
  • Monitor video surveillance of all stations in town.
  • Coordinate operations with other agencies (ie. utility companies, medflight, town inspectors, etc.)
  • Schedule inspection appointments for the Fire Prevention Bureau.
  • Manage multiple phone lines including: Emergency/911, Non-Emergency/Business, Police Direct, etc.